I have worked with Kenny for over 5 years now. Throughout that time the changes we have made to my body has resulted in increased club-head speed and I have been injury free which has allowed me to to continue to play at the highest level. The work we have done has been instrumental in me becoming a winner on the European Tour. I am excited for what the future holds and the further progress we can make.
Chris Paisley
European Tour Player
Physical fitness has become a regular part of my routine to prepare for the long tour season. Being able to train and get massage at First Tee Fitness allows me to maintain movement quality, improve durability and ensure I can perform consistently over the course of the year. Any problem areas I have from the demands of practice, play and travel are always treated effectively, which helps me to feel that I am able to achieve the proper positions in my golf swing.
Richie Ramsay
European Tour Player
First Tee Fitness has trained me for a few years now and the best thing about his training is that he gets me to move efficiently as well as train me like an athlete. The strength and power I have gained since training is helping my driving distance with an average of over 300 yards on the European Tour. He has also helped me stay pain free which I is vital through a long playing season.
Scott Henry
Challenge & European Tour Player
First Tee Fitness have worked really hard to help me manage my body through a busy schedule and a lot of travelling. It is important for me to be strong and flexible not only for more power and control of my swing but most importantly to stay injury free. I have lifted my game to another level since I started working with First Tee Fitness.
Kylie Walker
Ladies European Tour Player
In 4 months FTF helped me loose 4 stones through their expert knowledge and nutritional help. They got me the fittest I have even been. I haven’t experienced any other gym like it, they create an atmosphere that makes you want to go back every night, even when you are part of the class it feels like PT. First Tee Fitness is the place you should be it transformed my life and fitness.
David Evans
PT & Fitness Class Client
The team at first tee fitness helped me achieve my weight loss goals, I had fallen into many bad habits within my diet and exercise which was non-existent. They made exercise fun and helped me control my diet allowing me to develop consistent weight loss which I can manage without giving up everything. Without their support I wouldn’t have been a able to see the changes I have.
Harry Stewart
PT & Fitness Class Client
After suffering pain and restricted movement for months I finally opted for shoulder surgery. As part of my rehabilitation, I attended 1-2-1 PT sessions with Jordan and within 3 months post surgery my shoulder was stronger and more mobile than it ever with absolutely no issues or pain. I would highly recommend using FTF as part of any past injury rehab.
Colin Grant
Sport Therapy Client

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