Golf Fitness

Why Golf Fitness?

The golf swing is a very explosive moment with club-head speeds of over 120mph reached in under 0.2secs, placing forces on the lower spine of over 8 times body weight, with over 900kg of force being applied to the ball.

So think the golf swing is an athletic movement now? During your round of golf or your practice session you complete many maximum effort swings. With the research showing that the repetitive nature of the golf swing and the forces applied to the body can result in injury, with the most common area being the lower back. Research highlights that strength and conditioning training and golf fitness training reduces the chances of injuries and improves golf performance.


Assessment gives us the chance to find out how your body moves and identify how it relates to your golf swing. Whilst establishing how your movement may contribute to any potential injury problems. This assessment includes various screening methods and description of how they relate to the golf swing developed from Titleist Performance Institute and Functional Movements Screens. From this we will provide homework exercises and can develop training programs around your needs helping to improve your golf performance.

Personal Training

Training one to one will allow you to train with a focus on your own individual needs with the direction and knowledge of our trainers working with golfers of all ages and abilities. This will allow us to personalise each session to suit your every need ensuring the time in the gym is designed specifically to achieving your goals helping you move better feel stronger and swing faster.

Strength & Conditioning

Our small group training sessions allow for you to be coached through a periodised program adapted to your individual needs whilst being able to train in a fun, competitive and motivational group environment with likeminded golfers all looking achieve better performance through increased club speed, improved mobility and reduced risk of injury. This is achieved through golf related movement screens and all aspects of fitness required in golf. Don’t you want to hit it further?

I have worked with Kenny for over 5 years now. Throughout that time the changes we have made to my body has resulted in increased club-head speed and I have been injury free which has allowed me to to continue to play at the highest level. The work we have done has been instrumental in me becoming a winner on the European Tour. I am excited for what the future holds and the further progress we can make.
Chris Paisley
European Tour Player