Sport is incredibly demanding on the body for example, swinging a golf club places forces over 8 times bodyweight on the lower back. Playing and practicing your sport will result in many repetitive efforts constantly wearing the same tissue and joints.

This repetitive nature creates the potential of overuse or injury However, appropriate strength training has been shown to minimise injury potential and reduce the recovery if it does along with many performance benefits.

Following the philosophy of the stability/mobility model we encourage your body to work in an alternating pattern of stable segments followed by mobile joints to avoid any dysfunction or pain. For this model to be effective we develop all aspects of fitness Strength, Speed, Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Mobility, Stability and Position.


Our assessment provides the chance to assess your current state of trainability and determine why you may not be able to perform a certain movement or function to achieve positions. We can find mobility and/or stability dysfunctions which will then create a roadmap of progression and regressions for your programming by determining areas that need attention and constructing movement strategies to fit your needs.

Where are you? What needs fixed? Where need to go!

Personal Training

Training 1-1 with a coach ensures that all the time and effort of your session is suited to your individual needs and ensure optimal technique to create a specific adaptation. Each session is personalised and able to be adapted to suit the conditions that you present in order to ensure adequate progress and better performance.

Strength & Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning classes provide a group training atmosphere aiming to establish better movement capacity and move in various planes of motion with control to become durable and resilient. Small group training provides a fun, competitive but motivating training environment whilst also allowing for individual coaching and adaptations to be made to suit each individual become stronger, faster, move better.
I have worked with Kenny for over 5 years now. Throughout that time the changes we have made to my body has resulted in increased club-head speed and I have been injury free which has allowed me to to continue to play at the highest level. The work we have done has been instrumental in me becoming a winner on the European Tour. I am excited for what the future holds and the further progress we can make.
Chris Paisley
European Tour Player