Excellent for treating injuries and general aches or discomfort from everyday life. Our massaging services are ideal for anyone who regularly uses the gym, plays sport or participates in any similarly demanding physical activity. Great knowledge and understanding of common injuries/pain with appropriate strategy to aid recovery time and return to full performance.

Sports Massage

Anyone from professional athletes to regular gym users or sedentary office workers can benefit from sports massage. This involves manipulation of soft tissue using specialist manual techniques to normalise those tissue and aid in maximising performance/conditioning or decreasing injury/pain.

Treatments can cover areas from the foot to the neck using a variety of massage techniques such as deep tissue, friction, soft tissue release, neuromuscular technique or muscle energy techniques. Benefits of massage may help to increase muscle flexibility, improve joint mobility, reduce pain, promote relaxation and boost performance.

Personal Training

Recovering from an injury is the ideal time to ensure you are training appropriately in order to develop key areas such as stability, mobility, flexibility and endurance in your return to full function.

Personal training will allow for your time in the gym to be progressed correctly allowing you to regain strength and develop knowledge of how your training can be developed to continually process whilst working around any limitations which may be present from previous injury.

After suffering pain and restricted movement for months I finally opted for shoulder surgery. As part of my rehabilitation, I attended 1-2-1 PT sessions with Jordan and within 3 months post surgery my shoulder was stronger and more mobile than it ever with absolutely no issues or pain. I would highly recommend using FTF as part of any past injury rehab
Colin Grant
Sport Therapy Client