Regular massage should be encouraged by everyone and can help protect the body by relieving tension and reduce fatigue from sport, training and life. The manipulation of soft tissues using specific techniques to normalise soft tissue can be beneficial to treat injury, reduce pain and improve performance.

Sports Massage

Treatments may range from 15-90 mins covering injuries/pain from the foot to the neck involving a variety of techniques such as Frictions, Soft tissue release, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular and Muscle energy techniques or pre/post event massage.

Personal Training

Massage can help in normalising soft tissues and dealing with injuries but combining the appropriate loading techniques and progressive strength training will help ensure full recovery from injury and help prevent any future problems. Individual coaching will provide the opportunity for your training to be specifically adapted around any limitations.

After suffering pain and restricted movement for months I finally opted for shoulder surgery. As part of my rehabilitation, I attended 1-2-1 PT sessions with Jordan and within 3 months post surgery my shoulder was stronger and more mobile than it ever with absolutely no issues or pain. I would highly recommend using FTF as part of any past injury rehab
Colin Grant
Sport Therapy Client