General Fitness

We offer an exciting variety of training opportunities for all levels of fitness enthusiasts regardless of experience. No matter your current fitness level from complete beginner to advanced trainer, each will help you on your way to achieving your fitness goals. You have our support throughout your fitness journey no matter the path you choose.

Personal Training

Anyone looking to improve their fitness, lose body fat, increase muscle mass or lead a healthier lifestyle whether a beginner or experienced gym user, the FTF team can help you every step of the way.

Ensuring you are training with proper technique to develop a long term sustainable training plan allowing you to make the changes you desire to last the test of time. Throughout your process you will have access to nutritional guidance, lifestyle development and sports therapy to help you stay on track and overcome any obstacle which may arise along the way.

Strength & Conditioning

At FTF we provide strength and conditioning classes covering a wide variety of training methods in a small group environment. These classes give you the opportunity to progress through our periodised programs with a coach in an adaptable, fun and motivational setting.

Classes will cover all aspects of fitness including strength, muscle building, cardiovascular fitness and much more. Choose which class is right for you; Ladies Lifting, Youth Development, Mens Strength & Conditioning.

Supporting complete beginners to advanced lifters.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes at FTF provide a coach led group training session consisting of various training techniques and formats to help those looking to achieve better body composition and health.

Circuit training, high intensity intervals, strength capacity and metabolic conditioning all helping towards you burning fat in a shorter 45 minute session. A variety of gym equipment ensures that these sessions are constantly varied along with training technique to achieve the desired effect. These classes are mixed from all ages and provide a great option to train regularly up to three times per week.

In 4 months FTF helped me loose 4 stones through their expert knowledge and nutritional help. They got me the fittest I have even been. I haven’t experienced any other gym like it, they create an atmosphere that makes you want to go back every night, even when you are part of the class it feels like PT. First Tee Fitness is the place you should be it transformed my life and fitness.
David Evans
PT & Fitness Class Client