We offer an exciting variety of training opportunities for all levels of fitness regardless of experience. From complete beginner to fitness enthusiast we believe that our knowledge and experience can help support your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions provide the optimal opportunity for you to work 1-1 or 1-2 with a coach and develop the best training program to work on your goals whether that be lose body fat, build muscle, get stronger or improve fitness and lifestyle.

Ensuring you are training with proper technique and adequate progress will develop a long term training program that is sustainable to allow for adaptation and make the changes you desire last longer. Along with training we are able to offer nutrition, lifestyle and rehabilitative advice or refer to a specialist to support your development and overcome any obstacles along the way.

Strength & Conditioning

FTF strength and conditioning classes take place in a small group environment and cover a wide variety of training methods allowing you to work on your goals as part of a collective group providing a fun and motivational setting.

Classes are led by a coach who will ensure proper execution and progress through one of our periodised programs covering strength, body composition, cardiovascular fitness and more. Groups consist of Mens strength and conditioning, Ladies lifting and Youth development.

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes consist of coach led group sessions incorporating various training techniques and formats in a 45 minute time period. Circuit training, high intensity, strength capacity and metabolic conditioning can all be utilised with a variety of gym equipment to provide a varied stimulus and achieve the desired effect.

In 4 months FTF helped me loose 4 stones through their expert knowledge and nutritional help. They got me the fittest I have even been. I haven’t experienced any other gym like it, they create an atmosphere that makes you want to go back every night, even when you are part of the class it feels like PT. First Tee Fitness is the place you should be it transformed my life and fitness.
David Evans
PT & Fitness Class Client